Today  more than ever we've seen teens and adults alike
from both the inner-cities and the suburbs picking up guns
as  a way of solving their differences. This reality is not
only scary, but will ultimately lead to the destruction of the
generation to come. Most of the young men and women
who are supposed to carry on where the generation before
them left off, will die before their even old enough to vote
due to gun violence. Only a quarter of a century ago, the
majority of problems were solved in a manner that in most
cases did  not end in death. Although confrontational,
people seemed more ready to solve their problems with
fist opposed to picking up a gun. Some may say
violence is violence, but the truth of the matter is, a person
is less likely to die in a fight using their hands opposed to
using a gun . And that's where 1-ON-1 Boxing comes in....
"Guns Down, Hands Up"
Kendall "Rated R" Holt
Kendall Holt speaks about gun violence and 1-On-1 Boxing.....
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          1 ON 1 BOXING TV
    "Guns Down, Hands Up" Which means to find a hobby or interest
    you love like Boxing or in my case Parkour, to reduce the violence
    of gangs and shootings in America.