1Gun 1Video:

1-On-1 Boxing would also like to introduce.... "1Gun 1Video ", an extension of the 1-On-1 Boxing movement. 1Gun 1Video gives motivated and talented young people the opportunity to turn their lives around by giving up something negative in exchange for something positive. By turning in just 1 gun, we will shoot you you're very own music video absolutely FREE OF CHARGE!!! All we ask that you participate in the 1Gun 1Video movement to help get guns off the streets, NO QUESTIONS ASKED! Teens and adults are dying everyday, its time to change the way we handle our differences. We have something that's making a difference, and with the right support, we can make it a "cool thing" to put down the guns and put your hands up. We have also been working with a rapper by the name of "Krysis". He is an upcoming artist who has a hit record called "Fresh Out The Mountain". He has chosen to use his "status" in the community, (along with 1-On-1 Boxing and 1Gun 1Video) to get people to put their guns down and their hands up. So far, he has managed to get five guns off the street. That's five lives that will be changed forever...five lives SAVED. Once again our goal at 1-On-1 Boxing/1Gun 1Video is to put an end to gun violence and other senseless acts of violence. We also plan to open 1-On-1 Boxing gyms for every community that needs one. All members will be lifetime members. And always remember..... Guns Down Hands Up!!!

Ph: 770-344-7174
Website: www.1-on-1boxing.com
1Gun 1Video email: 1gun1video@1-on-1boxing.com
1-On-1 Boxing email: gunsdownhandsup@1-on-1boxing.com


1-On-1 Boxing is launching a $2,000 cash prize contest for the best Hip-Hop track to represent our movement.

YES PEOPLE!!!!... this is the real deal, $2,000 in Cold Hard Cash!!!

We are looking for someone who can "go hard" yet keep it "positive". So basically we're asking for our contestants to take what you hear in most of today's Hip-Hop music where gun violence is being "glorified"; and go in the complete opposite direction. In addition to recieving a $2,000 cash prize, the winner's track will be used as 1-On-1 Boxing's official theme song. That's right ladies and gentlemen, YOUR track will recieve nationwide exposure, plus the winning artist name will be included in the show's opening/closing credits.

So there it is... $2,000 and nationwide exposure.

1-On-1 Boxing is not just a show, it's a MOVEMENT. People of all ages are dying everyday and it's time to change the way we handle our differences, and with the right support, we could do just that. Our goal at 1-On-1 Boxing is to put an end to gun violence and other senseless acts of violence. We also plan to open 1-On-1 Boxing gyms in every community that needs one plus, organize the "Guns Down, Hands Up Hip Hop TOUR" a tour geared toward bringing Awareness, Unity, and Change to the masses. So get on board, and always remember, Guns Down, Hands Up!!!!

How to enter 1-On-1 Boxing contest-

Send your track to email: gunsdownhandsup@1-on-1boxing.com


1-On-1 Boxing
4057 Hwy 9 North #146
Howell, NJ 07731

*All tracks must be the original work of the contestants*
*All tracks will be posted to the official 1-On-1 Boxing website*