About Us:

1-on-1 Boxing is a reality based show that will allow people of just about all ages who have differences (or "beef") to literally put their guns down and bring their differences to the ring. That's right! "Toe to toe", "Blow for blow" - just like the pros.

Our objective is to show everyone that carrying guns is for punks, and that it takes a real man or woman to step into a ring and settle their differences in a way that will not lead to the death of another human being.

Picking up a gun, knife or "jumping" someone does NOT make you tough, it's basically taking the bitch way out!

1-on-1 Boxing will take their cameras to the street to set up matches on location, while giving the public and potential contenders information about 1-on-1 Boxing and the concept behind it.

We prefer that 1-on-1 contenders are 18 years of age or older, but we are willing to accept contenders under the age of 18 with parental consent. We also believe that boxing is not just a sport for males and welcome females to join us.

There's no situation worth taking somebody's life, or destroying your own. It's time to throw down the guns and step into the ring, and 1-on-1 Boxing is the place to do it.

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