Which two rappers would you like to see "Shoot the Hands" in the ring?

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Simply send an SMS to 631-898-8636 with the names of the two rap artists you would like to see "Shoot the Hands" in the ring. You can also include a message giving your thoughts, comments, or even shout-outs.

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Give your opinion about the way guns and gun violence is glamourized in the hip hop industry, or just give us your thoughts about 1-on-1 Boxing.

You hip-hop artists talk a good game, but are you willing to get in the ring?

There are a lot of rappers that rap about guns and gun violence as if it's a glamorous thing, some of them have even fallen victim to gun violence, or have victimized another human being with a gun at some point during their lives - then there are the ones who rap about what they're prepared to do with a gun if the circumstances permit; but have never shot a gun in their lives. But among all of these rappers, how many would actually "throw down" like a true man or woman?

How many of these rappers would be willing to stop hiding behind their weapons? How many of them would put down their guns and "Shoot the Hands" in the ring like a real O.G.?

Hell, a 3 year old can pull a trigger and kill someone. That doesn't make the 3 year old a thug, a gangsta or an O.G. - it's just a kid. A kid who's going to need intense therapy for the rest of his life. And that goes for anyone who makes the choice to pick up a gun - YOU ARE NOT A THUG. A true man or woman has the reputation of being tough simply by "Shooting the Hands".

Now don't get it twisted, we understand that some of these artists have lived the majority of their lives surrounded by gangs, guns and gun violence, and they're simply telling their story - and in all honesty we've all listened to their music from time to time.

Nevertheless, the point we're trying to get across to these rappers is this: do any of you have the guts to step up and change the game for good? Because like it or not, music is one of the most influential tools on the face of our planet, and our youth are listening.

Not to mention, these artists are financially well off, which allows them choices that the majority of todays' youth do not have; in other words, these artists need to tell their stories and get over it.

So here it is... who's going to have the "balls" to put down their guns, and their gun mentality, for good? It's time to step into the ring and show our youth what it is to be a real man or woman.